Gabion Spiral Wire

The welded gabion basket  is assembled into front and rear mesh panels, a negative film panel and a partition plate by the spiral wire 

Since it is used for loading stones, it is called an electric welding stone cage,  The gabion products such as the folded and welded electric cages are an independent individual.

Product Details

Materials: Galvanised wire,Galfan wire ,PVC coating wire

Wire Diameter: 3mm,4.5mm,5.2mm,6mm,etc

Strength tensile:380-550mpa

Elongation:≥12%(ASTM or BS443/EN10244-2)

Binding wire : usually 8% of total weight of gabion mesh. 

Zinc coating:3mm diameter 255 g/m2, 4mm diameter = 275 g/m2 ; 5mm diameter = 280 g/m2.

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